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Circuit Classes: $150/month
 *4 students per class
*For students who are excited to learn music
*Ages 7 & up
*4 rotating stations
*15-minute custom private lesson every class
*1 hour long
*Tuition is per student
Tuition is paid monthly,  syncs well with the SPS elementary calendar, 
and includes 42 weeks year round. 
Subscriptions and Methods of the Studio
Piano Maestro
Supersonics Plus
Purrfect Practice

Rhythm Apps

Fully licensed printed music




Circuit classes are the perfect way to start your musical journey.


  • Develop and expand love of music

  • Learn to read music 

  • Increase confidence

  • Have individual customized lessons

  • Work at their own pace 

  • Grow communication skills

  • Develop rhythm

  • Foster problem solving skills 

  • Connect with other students and develop a sense of camaraderie with peers

  • Leadership opportunities