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Classes are held throughout the week. Percussion Ensemble class offers a community of learning and opportunity to grow with peers.
Katie has worked with college students by referral, often when students desire technical training and teaches all areas of concert percussion and beginning drum set. Classes are fast paced and feature a variety of exploration, from mallet percussion to hand drums to drum set. 


Percussion Ensemble: Weekly 45 minute class involves learning classical percussion instruments including marimba, vibraphone, snare drum, cymbals, bells, and accessory percussion. Students learn staff note reading, rhythm reading, ensemble playing, and teamwork.

Limited to 8 students per class

Creative Percussion: Weekly 45 minute class for kids who are interested in making music with creative instruments: buckets, cups, balls, and pots. Students will learn standard rhythm reading. 

Limited to 12 students per class

Check back for future offerings

Private Lessons: Currently available only to percussion ensemble transfers. Available weekly, private lessons are great for one on one learning and custom lessons. 

Percussion lessons are ideal for:

  • Ensemble Preparedness

  • College Auditions

  • Solo and Ensemble Programming

  • Solo and Ensemble Preparations

  • Scholarship Auditions

  • Community Scholarship Competitions

  • Enjoying performing a beautiful piece on the marimba

  • Feeling your feet buzz to a snare drum exercise

  • Learning how to read music and rhythms


15/15/15/15 Classes: $150/month

 *4 students per class

*4 rotating stations

*Always includes a 15 minute private lesson

*1 hour long

*Email to be placed on Waitlist

Private Lessons: 
       30 minute weekly lesson: $160

       45 minute weekly lesson: $240

       60 minute weekly lesson: $320

       Introductory Lesson: $50/one time, 30 minutes

*Email to be placed on Waitlist

Tuition is paid monthly, generally runs on the SPS elementary calendar, 
and includes 44 weeks year round. 
Materials Fee
Piano Maestro
Supersonics Plus

Rhythm Apps

Fully licensed printed music



Check listing for tuition

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