Our class is packed with 4 engaging stations in 15 minute intervals. The stations vary weekly, though the private lesson portion is always included. All stations are customized to each students learning pace. We include materials within our tuition, so there are no surprises or added items on your to do list. 

Materials Included

42 classes per year


*Tuition is charged after the first class to ensure a good fit


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Q: How can I register?

          A: Email us!

Q: How do I know my child is ready for class?

          A: Usually kids are ready to join when they can follow directions, sit for longer than 20 minutes at a time, and have an interest in music.

Q: What is the class calendar? 

          A: Class runs according to the Seattle Public Schools calendar. and monthly tuition includes 44 weeks per year.

Q: What do we do during the summer break?

          A: The studio runs year round, and monthly tuition includes 44 weeks throughout the year. 

Q: What do I need at home for practice? 

          A: A piano or a keyboard (full sized weighted keys prefered, but do what you can). For percussionists, a practice pad and drum sticks                    and a keyboard or piano is also helpful. 

Q: How much practice is required? 

          A: Depending on how long the student has studied and their age, practice suggestions vary. To start out, daily practice incorporated                  into everyday life is quite helpful. Ex: every morning after teeth brushing, every night before dessert, etc. We value quality and                         frequency over long practice sessions. 

Q: Will my child learn how to read music? 

          A: Yes- at their very first class, they will start reading. Like most things, it takes time, but reading starts on day one. 

Q: What is the cost of materials? 

          A: Every student gets a binder with fully licensed method materials! This is included in tuition. 

Q: Are recitals required? 

          A: No. We do not require recitals.

Q: Do you offer recital alternatives? 

          A: Yes! We do virtual recitals, where studio-wide video is posted on youtube for all to view- this is perfect for out of town family!

Q: Is the studio inclusive? 

          A: YES! We love and welcome all. Please contact Katie if you think of a way we can be more inclusive. 

Q: My child is not yet old enough to join the studio. Can I get on the waitlist to secure a future spot? 

          A: Yes- have a space waiting for your child when they become old enough. Waitlist goes in order of first on first offer, and gets first                      notification of all new offerings before they are announced anywhere else. 

Q: What materials do I need to purchase? 

          A: For group programs, all materials are provided, and are fully licensed. For piano, you will need to have a piano or keyboard at                          home. For percussion, you will need sticks, a drum pad, and a keyboard or piano if possible.